1. A little side hustle logo work for a friend of mine. One of the best drummers I’ve ever known. 
– View on Path. 2 9 months ago
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  3. Neighborhood “Expansion” logo for our upcoming new building project. 2 1 year ago
  4. Presenting new branding to the @neighborhoodcc staff today. #exciteds (at Neighborhood ) 1 1 year ago
  5. Branding for my pal Caleb Wilkerson's photo shop.  2 years ago
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  7. Personal branding reboot - round 2. 19 2 years ago
  8. Personal brand reboot. 17 2 years ago
  9. New branding/web design project launch for Skopos.
Details: http://prolifik.co/projects/skopos/ 14 2 years ago
  10.  After 4 years of designing web and print under the name Difted I’m laying the name to rest and merging all that we do at Difted with my good friends at Prolifik Films. The new company will be called Prolifik.
This is the result of the branding we’ve been working on, a large “P” mark, with a little “D” silhouette in there to reference Difted.
The new site is in the works… You can follow our exploits on twitter: @prolifik.
I’m excited to work within a team atmosphere again. Dually excited to get back into the groove again as well, I’ve been pretty absent the past 6 months.
Here’s to the future!  7 3 years ago
  11. NASA Brand Guidelines

    MMMM this is tasty. I want a copy of this.

    13 3 years ago
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